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P.C: 325011
TEL: 86-577-86351702
FAX: 86-577-86351838
E-MAIL: teloon@teloon.com
Introduction of Group
Founded in 1988 and located in wenzhou Economy and Technology Development Zone, near to Jinwen Railway, Wenzhou Seaport and Wenzhou airport, Teloon Group is a large enter-prise integrating science research, industry, trade and info-tech into an organic system. Enjoying the rights of import and export,All of the products are all made under the requirements of CE.

Based on abundant technology and consummate management, relying on long-standing producing history and complete sales network, Teloon Group aims at world famous brand creation. ¡°Teloon¡± and ¡°Teloon¡± brand production is evaluated as ¡°Zhejiang Famous Brand¡± and ¡°zhejiang Famous Product¡±.

Teloon Group is a professional manufacturer and exporter of following sports goods: tennis ball, tennis racket, sporting suits, football, basketball, volleyball, badminton, shuttlecock, table tennis bat and table tennis ball, etc. The tennis ball exportation leads first every year in China. China Sports Committee and China Tennis Federation authorize the ¡°Teloon¡± brand tennis ball the national tournament tennis ball; ¡°T1818¡±brand tennis ball is ITF approved for international tournament. Eureka Award was also awarded to ¡°Teloon¡± brand presureless tennis ball in Brussels.

Teloon Group is also a professional manufacturer and exporter of stationary goods; PU artwares such as correction tape, ballpoint pen, non-toxic crayon, water color pen, mechanical pencil, rubber eraser, etc. The PU foam ball and pet toy models are various and elegant: they are the integration of art creation and art appreciation. We are also a manufacturer and exporter of fashion shoes, sports shoes, leather shoes and leisure shoes: these shoes are the mate of new style, good material and excellent technology.

Worldwide is our old customer, worldwide is our new customer: where there are customers, there are our services. Contact us! Our best products, best price and best service will repay you!

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